spidtech Spider

Spider was in The BIG 5 Dubai

We were in the The BIG 5 2021. This top international exhibition for structural engineers gave an absolutely positive feedback to Spider and proved that the UAE and the countries in the region are thirsty for a detailing software package like Spider.

spidtech vison


We solve structural engineers’ problems through innovation and technology. From 25 years ago, we have developed different software products to assist you with saving time and money. Spider is one of the most efficient packages we offer you to try.

spidtech main idea


Substantial time and meticulous work have been devoted at SPIDTECH to put your already busy mind at ease by taking over the responsibilities that would otherwise drain time, mind, and concentration from you. The SPIDTECH team is constantly working to bring a more pleasant work experience for you by doing the machinery calculation and helping you meet tighter deadlines to deliver detailing projects in a flash! Try Spider to feel how enjoyable and accurate detailing can be.

spidtech history


Since 1991 and through different milestones, we have put lots of effort to realize our vision. We have put together many subroutines, which were created in real construction sites and gave birth different products. Check our history for more information.