Thank you for your interest in Spider, Software for detailing multistory reinforced concrete structures. By buying Spider you join thousands of Spider users around the world.

Your purchase includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and 1 year of free SUM services.
After your request we send you the invoice first, then after your payment, you will have Spider in your inbox. You have different options for payment by credit card, or wire transfer.

To buy Spider, please select your country, enter any discount code if you have and validate it, then submit your buy request.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Is the price for Spider high?

Absolutely no.

Please consider that you pay this amount for 1.8 million lines of code, 200.000 man-hours of work, and more than 400 engineering acts and functions for a lifetime license and its support, upgrade, and maintenance by an experienced team of engineers.

In addition, the time that this software saves returns your investment in the first or second project you work with Spider.

Furthermore, when you work with Spider you are sure that no part of your engineering responsibility is missed.

Why does the Spider price change in different countries?

The pricing policy for Spider is based on the GDP of the countries. Different countries have different GDPs and we set the price in a way that all engineers around the world could buy the Spider. On the other hand, the higher prices for richer countries would raise funds to develop Spider and the company. Based on this pricing policy, all of you in different countries would be winners.

We have heard that a cracked version of Spider exists in the market. Is this true?

Absolutely no.

After 20 years of presence in the market, no cracked version of Spider exists and with newly implemented technologies, actually, it’s not possible.

So, invest with confidence and complete your purchase. Reciprocally we invest your money in serving you better.

How reliable is your Money Back Guarantee policy?

Absolutely reliable with no question,

For your information from the thousands of users we have, only one of them returned his software during our MBG period which we returned the respected client's money with no question. He returned Spider because he was not a structural engineer.

Everyone who works with Spider would love it.

Is that hard to work with Spider?

If youre a structural engineer who is familiar with engineering terms and software environments like ETABS, SAP2000, or SAFE, working with Spider is really easy for you.

We have step-by-step instructions on how to use the software and a very well-developed manual. Please start Spider with the sample files we send you along with the installation link.

Furthermore, videos on the SPIDTECH YouTube channel can help in better understanding Spider.

How could I be sure that the results of Spider are reliable?*

Spider has been used thousands of times every day.

Every new day documents for hundreds of independent new projects are started to be prepared by Spider.

From 20 years ago till now, on average, 60 million square meters of construction per year is managed and constructed based on Spider results.

Big organizations and consultants are our clients.

Please find some of them below:

  • Parsian Oil and Gas Development Group Co.
  • NARGAN Co.
  • TTBP Consultant Engineering Co
  • Foolad Technic International Engineering Co.
  • Petrochemical Industries Design and Engineering Company (PIDEC)

And this list can go forward to thousands!

Can I run Spider in a country other than where I reside?

When a user buys Spider, s/he agrees legally and morally to use the software in the region where s/he buys it.

Furthermore, it is actually not possible technically to use Spider in a different country than the one user resides. If this is necessary for you, please ask for an exemption.

How can I buy Spider?

To buy Spider go to

Select your country

Select your license type, i.e. lifetime license, 3-month license, or one-year license.

Enter the discount code if you have any and click validate code.

Click Submit.

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What happens after I submit my request?

Immediately after submitting the request, you will receive an email from us confirming your request. Please check your Spam or Junk folders.

After the first email, in less than an hour, youll receive your invoice and payment link through your email and/or WhatsApp.

You can make your payment with any valid credit card. In case you do not have a credit card, contact our hotline at

to arrange another method of payment.

Your payments are to SPIDTECH Canada. The financial institutions in Canada have some limitations for some countries. In case you do not have access to your invoice or your payment link, using a VPN connection can solve the issue.

Within 24 hours after your payment, you receive an email from us containing all the required information about how to install and work with Spider.

The lag between your payment and receiving software is due to the different time zones you buy the software and Vancouver time.

I could not buy Spider in the previous SPIDTECH Sales offer, is there any chance to get discount codes later?

Companies offer promotions in special conditions. This depends on many variables.

To find out about our promotions, please follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook. You may also subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news, updates, and promotions.

As a recommendation, if you have projects in your hand and need Spider right now, go ahead and buy the software.

The money you return while using Spider in your first project is much more than the discount you receive in our promotions!

Where the headquarters of SPIDTECH is located?

We are a Canadian company and our headquarters is located in Vancouver, Canada. We immigrated to Canada in 2006. You may find out more about SPIDTECH at the following link:

More Questions?

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask us through the following contacts.

Spider Support Hotline:

[email protected]

Spider Support Email:

[email protected]