What is SPIDetail?

If you are a structural engineer and detail multistory concrete structures, analyze and design structures with CSI products such as SAP®, ETABS®, or SAFE®, and have already installed and used AutoCAD® to do your detailing tasks, SPIDETAIL is for you.


Why do I need SPIDetail?

As a structural engineer who is already busy with many procedures at work, you definitely need tools to take over some parts of the design and detailing process.

SPIDetail unbelievably saves you the time required for detailing a project; obviously, this is what everyone is looking for nowadays.

What are the golden features of SPIDetail?

This software significantly saves your detailing time.
It is directly toward project documents without cumbersome menus and dialog boxes.
SPIDetail’s price is reasonable, and the number of features it offers for detailing a structure is more than you need.

You can access 30 day free trial version here.

How do I know SPIDetail can be useful for me or not?

If you are a structural engineer and detail multistory concrete structures, analyze and design structures with CSI products such as SAP®, ETABS®, or SAFE®, and have already installed and used AutoCAD® to do your detailing tasks, definitely, SPIDetail is for you. To find out, try it for free

Which construction codes does SPIDetail include?

SPIDetail works based on code requirements of ACI. Please help us to implement the structural code of your region in SPIDetail, we will appreciate that! Contact Us in this regard.

In which countries can SPIDetail be used?

Any country that follows ACI code provisions may take advantage of SPIDetail. As ACI is the leader in structural engineering codes, we can modify software to cover codes for other countries easily. If you do not use ACI, please Contact Us to customize the software for your needs.

What format of detailing does SPIDetail suggest?

There is no standard format for detailing structures around the world. Each region has its own standards. We tried our best to detail structures in the most efficient format. To check out our detailing format, please read SPIDetail at a Glance or try our free trial version. If you have any special formatting needs, please contact us.

Can I use SPIDetail to detail a project that is analyzed and designed with software other than CSI products?

Not right now.

If you use other analysis and design software and want to detail with SPIDetail, please contact us.

What are the minimum system needs to run SPIDetail?

SPIDetail works on devices with following specifications:

  • Intel Dual core processor or AMD Athlon
  • 4GB RAM
  • 10GB hard disk
  • Windows 7/8/10
  • AutoCAD 2010 or higher
  • Office 2007 or higher
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Internet Access

Do I need to install AutoCAD on my computer first?

Yes. SPIDetail works on AutoCAD environment. Before installing SPIDetail, you need to install AutoCAD on your computer.

Do I need Internet access while using SPIDetail?

Yes. The software you have paid for must be protected. To make sure that only valid licenses continue using SPIDetail, software needs access to the Internet from time to time.

Do I need to install Microsoft Office on my computer?

Yes. Before installing SPIDetail, you need to install MS Office on your computer.

Can I use SPIDetail on more than one computer?

Yes. For Single-User License, you may use SPIDetail on different computers but NOT simultaneously. For Multi-User License, you can use SPIDetail simultaneously on as many computers as defined by your license. To buy Multi-User License of SPIDetail, Contact Us.

Is there any part of a structure that SPIDetail cannot detail?

No. All parts of multi-story concrete structures, including beams, columns, shear walls, foundations, slabs, joists, and stairs may simply be detailed by SPIDetail.

Does SPIDetail detail steel structures too?

No, just concrete structures.

Is there any height or structure size limit with SPIDetail?

No. SPIDetail can detail multistory structures of as high as even 100 floors or more at any size.

How can I buy SPIDetail?

Go here for instructions.

What is the troubleshooting procedure like?

There are three ways for you to solve the problems that you come across while detailing a file.

Our recommendation is ticketing, but you may choose each of the ways that best suits your needs. In special cases when necessary, we will also schedule a phone call.

How do you support SPIDetail users?

We have Support, Upgrade, and Maintenance (SUM) services explained in License and Services Agreement. During 30 day trial version, you have access to these services. When you buy the software, you may enjoy SUM services for one year for free. After that, you can buy the services if you need.