If you are a structural engineer and detail multistory concrete structures, analyze and design structures with CSI products such as SAP®, ETABS®, or SAFE®, and have already installed and used AutoCAD® to do your detailing tasks, SPIDetail is for you.

SPIDetail is a software package that details multistory concrete structures consisting of beams, columns, shear walls, foundations, slabs, joists, stairs, and much more. SPIDetail also checks code ductility provisions as well as splice and hook requirements, prepares list of materials and cut orders to minimize rebar waste, manages detailing elements in sheets and much more. Having detailed the elements of the structure, SPIDetail presents you with the required engineering information in easy-to-follow sheets.

SPIDetail runs in previously installed AutoCAD, a known and friendly environment for structural engineers around the globe. As you are working within this software, the features of both SPIDetail and AutoCAD® are available to you.

All required data for detailing structural elements with SPIDetail are imported from well-known CSI products. In short, SPIDetail connects the analysis and design results of SAP®, ETABS®, and/or SAFE® to AutoCAD® for detailing.