In addition to detailing main and added rebars in foundation/slab, SPIDetail can also detail one-way shear reinforcement. SPIDetail detects the areas that need to be reinforced against one-way shear and calculates the amount required. The one-way shear layout includes arrangement, sizes, domain, number and form of shear reinforcement. One-way shear reinforcement is calculated as cross ties in strip width and detailed in the layout. Areas in need of one-way shear are spotted by SAFE® Av/s values. These values are then used as the basis for one-way shear reinforcement.
In brief SPIDetail:

  • Detects the areas
  • Calculates the amount required
  • Details the one-way shear layout
  • Details shear reinforcement
  • Arrangement
  • Sizes
  • Domain
  • Number
  • Form
  • And much more