SPIDetail presents you with lists of materials for different parts of the structure. Such lists consist of separate rebars lists for all or some parts of detailings. On a list, each structure rebar is registered under a unique identity, which can be added to or removed from one or more lists. Moreover, on a rebar schedule of the structure, you can see longitudinal rebars and stirrups as well as the cross ties of beams, columns, shear walls, and the foundation. The user-friendly interface provides the user with different tools to add, remove, rename, or reset rebar lists. It also lets the user include or exclude specific rebars to or from a list.
In brief, list of materials includes:

  • Longitudinal rebars
  • Stirrups
  • Cross ties of beams, columns, shear walls, and foundations
  • User friendly interface to manage rebars schedule
  • And much more

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