The input for shear walls comes from the analysis and design data of ETABS® only. Having designed the shear walls of the project in ETABS® Section Designer, you may detail them in SPIDetail. Detailings consist of sections of shear walls in different stories in addition to elevations for each leg of the section. The elevation of each leg includes wall and leg IDs, section IDs, vertical and horizontal rebars, boundary element vertical and stirrup rebars, story elevations, hook and splices based on code requirements, openings, spandrel beams, 3D view of the whole wall, list of materials IDs, and much more.
In brief, shear wall elevations include:

  • Wall leg IDs
  • Section IDs
  • Vertical and horizontal rebars
  • Boundary element vertical and stirrup rebars
  • Story elevations
  • Hook and splices
  • Openings
  • Spandrel beams
  • 3D view
  • List of materials IDs
  • And much more